Download ScriptParts

You can download the ScriptParts SharePoint 2013 sandboxed solution here:
For update purposes, you can overwrite the script in the Style Library:

  • First ScriptParts update 6/13/2014: minor fix, and every 'eval' has been replaced with a custom function.
  • Second update 3/21/2015: minor fix, using a relative scheme, to prevent issues with mixed content, update jquery to 1.11.2.
  • Third update 6/3/2016: fix ReferenceError: _spBodyOnLoadFunctions is not defined in WopiFrame, also added more defensive programming on the console object.

The samples are also provided as sandboxed wsp, or separately as script to add manually to the ScriptPart Library. Do notice that when you add these ScriptParts manually, that if you want to give the ScriptParts a more readable name, you have to add a title to the list item.