CombinePDF As I needed to combine two PDF scans I had made, as I scanned these directly from my printer/scanner to a network share, without using the scan software. I initialy fixed this by printing these PDF files to my PDF printer and letting this combine these files. That made it look like less quality. So now I just created a small Windows Froms program in .Net 4.5 using iTextSharp for this purpose. It lets you drag and drop files, or select files and save them as one PDF. If you also need this functionality you can download my CombinePDF.
A little project on a Generic Singleton (C#) In the begining of 2009 I created this sample of a Generic Singleton in C#. Now I have updated it, separating the classes into different files and added some comment. It's nothing fancy, and I found that others already had similar solutions.
Sitemap generator A simple tool for generating a sitemap.xml file based on the contents of the selected folder. For more information on sitemaps see The zip file contains the Visual Studio .Net solution including the assembly (executable) for generating the simple sitemap. Usage: type the url for the site that is the root for the Selected Folder. Change or adjust the file extensions that will be included in the sitemap. Select the Selected Folder (the root folder of your url). Select Auto Save to save the sitemap.xml directly in the Selected Folder when generated. Upload you sitemap.xml with the content of your site.
Special Days VBScript Offered as a .txt file (use save as for dowloading), this is a VBScript file that includes calculation of the Easter date from a given year. It uses this function to add special days to Microsoft Outlook. Of course, you can use the feature in Outlook itself, but this script shows you how you can code this. This script file is fully commented, including references to the pages I used as source for the calculation of Easter.
Wado Screensaver v3.0 Installs the Wado Screensaver. This screensaver uses OpenGL showing a spinning cube with the Wado symbol bouncing against the sides of the screen.
Wado Screensaver v2.0 Installs the Wado Screensaver. This screensaver shows a spinning Wado symbol bouncing against the sides of the screen.
Desktop Clock A digital clock appears on your desktop. The icon appears in the tray bar. The clock is displayed in black.
Desktop Bop Let's get Desktop Bop walking on your desktop. Icon appears in the tray bar. Desktop Bop is only visible directly on the desktop.