Almost 10 years later than the first NetTicTacToe version, TicTacToe now goes Mobile. For all of you out there who want to play everybody's favorite game, now you can enjoy it on your mobile device (if it supports java). The new MobileTicTacToe, lets you play locally, against the computer and with a friend over a Bluetooth connection (if both devices support JSR 82 (Bluetooth API)). If your device does not support JSR 82 only the local play and play computer options should be available.

A quick guide: To install MobileTicTacToe you need both the .jad (save as) and the .jar file on your mobile device. Click the .jad file to install. I Have added the .txt extension for downloading, so remove this first. MobileTicTacToe usage, Bluetooth should be on and the device must be visable if you want to play over Bluetooth. Choose 'Wait for BT Connection' to enable a friend to connect. Choose 'Connect to BT Device' to connect to the friend who is waiting. Wait until you are prompted to select a device (this can take a while, because devices are being discovered). If no device is found, it will say so and you can go back to the menu or go on and play locally disconnected. You can go back and try again. If connected you are ready to play...

Keys: 1 = select upper left, 2 = top middle, 3 upper right, 4 is middle left and so on. Press your central navigation button to reset te game if the game has ended.

Updated to version 1.1, added smaller screen size support and changed disconnection routine, due to a problem when reconnecting. Some info about reconnecting, if you want to reconnect you have to go back to the menu first.

Updated to version 1.2, added support for touchscreen devices. You can reset the game when finished by clicking any of the squares. Also again due to reconnecting issues, this time after unexpected connection failure, I have added connection polling to ensure the availability of the connection and close the connection cleanly if the connection got lost.